Christopher’s Opticians Two for One Offer

Buy two new pairs of Spectacles but only pay for one pair.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The first pair must be purchased in store at full retail price as a complete pair of spectacles and must consist of a new frame and new lenses from our £77.50 range or higher. The free pair will be from our £77.50 range with standard single-vision lenses.
  2. The first and second pair must both be the same prescription (power) and both must be for the same person. If the first pair are bifocals or varifocals, the free pair will be single-vision lenses and will be the same power as one of the powers in the first pair.
  3. The free second pair can be upgraded for the normal up-grade fee. For example £35.00 extra for bifocals or £10.00 extra for a tint etc.
  4. The free pair frame must be in stock on the day of purchase.
  5. Subject to NHS entitlement, NHS vouchers may be used towards the cost of the first pair.
  6. This two for one offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other schemes discounts or special offers.
  7. This offer applies from 1st October 2014 but may be withdrawn at any time at the company’s discretion.
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